How To Add NoFollow attribute To a Link

How To Add NoFollow attribute To a Link

By: SolutionsHint    38 views Updated: 11th Jan, 2018
Add NoFollow attribute To a Link

Nofollow and Dofollow are most important Pillar of SEO. Every blogger and webmasters know the importance of DoFollow & NoFollow and understand for better search engine crawling and ranking in Google Search, so if you are a blogger then you must know about NoFollow & DoFollow.
So in this post, i will tell you how to add the nofollow attribute to the link for better optimization. Everyone aware of it and use DoFollow &NoFollow attribute in their link for the optimization.

So if you are using a link which is low in value, so please use NoFollow to a link that will also help the google to optimize your webpage easily without spending more time.

DoFollow link is great way to make your article popular also increase the chance of getting in rank faster.

Why Need To Add NoFollw To a Link

  1. NoFollow links are those links which exist on your webpage but are nofollow for google, you are helping Google please don’t follow this link. It’s best practice for increasing higher in ranking and crawling.
  2. By default, all hyperlink are DoFollow links, so if you are using the low-value link in your post, please tell the google by adding the nofollow attribute to the link.
  3. When you submit your post for crawling and indexing, all webmasters come on site and start following from the NoFollow link first then search for DoFllow links, so always use dofollow and nofollow attribute.
  4. Don’t use DoFollow attribute for an affiliate link, its bad practice for lowering the ranking of your blog.
  5. Use nofollow attribute for marketing link.

How to Add NoFollow Attribute To a Link

  • By default, links are DoFollow then while we writing an article we don’t concentrate on NoFolow and DoFllow, so our article never comes in rank due to non-optimize content for the SEO purpose.
  • Link look like <a hre=””>page titile</a>.
  • Just add rel=”nofollow” attribute in the link, by adding NoFollow you are doing great and helping the Google bots to easy understanding.
  • Now link should be lool like that after adding NoFollow attribute.
  • <a hre=”” rel=”nofollow>page titile</a>.
  • If you are using content management system (WordPress ) then the plugin is available, by using that plugin you can easily add the nofollow attribute to a link.

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