5 Reasons Why Google Can Penalize Your website

5 Reasons Why Google Can Penalize Your website

By: SolutionsHint    35 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
Why Google Can Penalize Your website

In this article, we will guide you about  What is reason & Why Google Can Penalize Your website SEO is all about the enhancement of user experience, to integrating various term to SEO that will help search engine to understand your Website better for the Search Engine Optimization.

For example, whenever we talk about Google Search Engine, we can add star ranking, proper on-page optimization and various other factors to SEO, which helps Google to define the authority of a blog.

So we have made some observation, why Google can penalize your blog for following reason and what would be the effect on your blog with Google Penalize Algorithm.

  • You will lose your webpage  ranking suddenly 
  • You will lose search engine visibility in Google Search Engine Result
  • Your traffic will drop from high to low that directly effects on your Alexa Ranking
  • In turn, you will lose money if the traffic is not coming on your blog

There are many things, we should not do during writing article and blogging, we don’t want to be penalized by Google Search or other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo. After google algorithm updates like Penguin, Page layout, it’s become necessary to make sure that we don’t do any silly or shortcut method to get higher in ranking in search. 

Why Google Can Penalize Your website:

Here I am explaining why Google can Penalize Your Website.

Google Algorithm

We can’t abuse to  Google algorithm in any case because the always rank your webpage based on users experience and all another term according to the page optimization. and if you are breaking the rule of Google algorithm like spamming and creating duplicate and copy content then Google Can Penalize your website.


Webmasters have their program for web pages in two types of visits, as a normal user, and a Google robot user. This will generate two types of pages, one with the largest number of keywords created for the visit of the robot that is almost unreadable for the normal user.

In other hands With this, the developers intend to make fool of  Google robot to position your website in high as google search engine as possible, but Google is detecting these pages and may Penalize.

Hidden Text

Some webmaster hides keywords by only putting the same color as the background in the content, so the user would not be affected by the appearance of the page holds.

Copy & Duplicate Content

If you are writing copy and duplicate content in content to drive the traffic quickly, this is a really bad way to make your blog popular in few days so google can Penalize.

In other hands in some cases, a blogger may use the same content on their blog to creating more backlinks. then user getting same experience after coming on site that hurt users experience, maybe Penalize.

Hide Links

This is the most and important method of trying to get more backlinks by putting Hidden links into content. Regular users can’t see such a bad links until they check the source code your webpage, but without having HTML skill and normal users can find that links. Such links are a bad link for the bloggers.

Most of the time when you download theme for your blog, you are not unable to see Hidden link some they put hidden link on the template page to creating more backlinks.

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