31 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral: It’s Working

10 Sep, 2018

Welcome to SolutionsHint – if you are a blogger and you are want to increase the instant traffic to your blog then this post really will help you to boot up your traffic to follow these strategies, but if  you one of post may get viral on any social media sites, and anywhere else then you get huge amount of traffic in minutes.
So if you are newbie blogger and you are not getting enough traffic according to your expectation then never lose your hope because after following these strategies definitely will boot up your traffic either from social and forums.

Before publishing any post

1.Keyword Research: as we know the keyword analyze in very important term of SEO that will help you to use the right keyword at the right place so whenever you think to publish new post always first keyword research and then start to write the blog post that will help you to drive more organic traffic too.

2. Effective Blog Title:  Blog title for any blog post will play a vital role in on-page search engine optimization so just after keyword research tool always try to focus on blog title because a perfect blog title will help to increase the chanced of google ranking.

3. Blog Picture:  Every blog post has a different parameter to complete full on-page search engine optimization so we can’t skip one of the parameters because we are aware with image ALT tag that will help Google bots to review your blog post to faster google crawling and indexing so always use target keyword in image ALT tag.

Always use optimize image: Optimization is only mean that SEO, “No” optimization means you have to optimize everything for your blog post to rank in top google searches, so always use optimize the image for a blog post because page load also play important role in Google search ranking.

4. Re-Check Whole article before Publishing:  a newbie blogger always make this types of mistake even I was doing such types of mistake in beginning because of we want to publish more post in single days and we  make such types of mistake that’s why we where not getting organic traffic, so always be patient to write and publish any new posts and check everything 2 – 3 times including grammar mistake, paragraph check, keyword, ALT tag, past and future post internal linking page title, permalink structure, post length, inbound and outbound links .

Recommend: You can use Google Chrome extension that will help to check grammar and spelling mistake and fix them with single clicks.

Get Grammarly Extension For Chrome

Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

  1. Submit Blog Post link on Smackover flow in question answering
  2. Submit to Digg
  3. Submit to Reddit
  4. Submit to StumbleUpon
  5. Post on Forums in niche
  6. Submit to Yahoo Buzz
  7. Submit to Delicious
  8. Post to Twitter
  9. Post to Facebook
  10. Post to Myspace. Myspace is dead, long live Myspace.
  11. Post to Google +
  12. Post to YouTube (if applicable)
  13. Submit to Technorati
  14. Post to Pinterest (if applicable)
  15. Post to LinkedIn
  16. Provide SEO keywords for images
  17. Directory submissions
  18. RSS directory submits
  19. Forum comments
  20. Relevant blog comments
  21. Social bookmarking
  22. Refer to posts on Yahoo! Answers
  23. Refer to posts on LinkedIn
  24. Refer to posts on Quora
  25. Press releases
  26. Link to our own past AND future blog posts
  27. Add to your email signature
  28. Add to your signature in forums
  29. Add to your next newsletter
  30. Request other bloggers to mention your post
  31. Submit a Blog post on relevant YouTube video in the comment
You may use these strategies and once day any post will get viral and you will gain more traffic with your expectations.


  1. Nice article. But you were supposed to follow these tips yourself too before you published this article, since there are so many mistakes.


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