3 Best Tools to Tweet Longer Messages on Twitter

3 Best Tools to Tweet Longer Messages on Twitter

By: SolutionsHint    34 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
3 Best Tools to Tweet Longer Messages on Twitter

As we know twitter allow us to tweet in limit character of length, sometimes we need to tweet length tweet but we can’t due to the Twitter restriction, but here have some great tool that will now allow us to tweet length on our twitter account, currently twitter allow only “280 characters” inside the tweet.
Actually when we start blogging and some time wants to post a lengthy tweet on the twitter account, then we can’t so by using these tool I am able to post length tweet for my blogger and it’s really great tool.

3 Best Tools to Tweet Longer Messages on Twitter

These are 3 Tool that will help to lengthy tweet on your twitter account.

1. TweetCompressor

What’s Tweet Compressor? Tweet Compressor makes your tweets shorter by replacing groups of two or three letters with a single character that looks the same. Now you can beat Twitter’s 140 character limit.

TweetComposer is different from other tools because its help you to shrink the tweet rather than enter the whole URL in your tweet.


2. TweetLonger

TweetLonger is a great user-friendly tool that will really help you to tweet long messages, it really helps when you don’t want to share your post on twitter, you want only lengthy tweet for your twitter followers, that really amazing tool for Twitter users. One of the great feature of “tweet longer” is user-friendly and easy to use.


3. Storm It (Smartphone app)

This is the latest app which is launched in August 2016. Storm it is available for Android & iOS device only. Storm it! allow tweeting long messages fun & interesting. All you need to do is,  your tweet & click on Storm it.

Storm Twitter App

By using this app you can tweet longer for your twitter account.

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